Worlds Enemy

by Absolution

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Recorded and Released in 2012 this was Absolutions' 2nd EP


released July 20, 2013

Sonny at STL Studios and Adrian Fitipaldes for his feature on 'Swallow Your Fate'



all rights reserved


Absolution Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Symbol of Vanity
You are weak
You are nothing
Forever fixed in space and time
As an infinitely small drain on self worth
A puddle of black which you dared call your home
Twisted and twirled around
In an abyss of chaotic servitude

Trapped inside the smallest confinement
More violent and unpredictable
Than the reality at hand

You were stone you were motionless
You had no chance to see what lay beyond

Without guidance you shrunk inside
An isolated world of emptiness
Despite the negativity with no other say in the matter
It is apparent that
Your instincts violated your own awareness
To the morals of dramatic irony serving contradiction
Within the walls of unreason in endless torrents of blood

Your life will drown in dismay
Your life will fall in decay

Bringer of misery
Symbol of vanity
Give yourself to me
For I want to be free and believe and practice
The epitome of what is wrong with the world of today

Of what is wrong with mankind’s failure
They cannot judge their insidious nature
Though immersion
Through the lies and anguish filling your control

You brought them into this world
With an appalling misdemeanour
And notions that curse all creation

These blades bring forth disfigurement
Falling for your righteousness
Digging deeper into this lost hatred
An indigestible distinction displays the face of eternal decay
Forever watched by you

Demented master of deceit
Your frailty is weakened
It is now impossible for you to be whole again
Your frailty is weakened

Destroy everything which you believe in
And bleed the world fucking dry
You’ve prayed for the worst
And still have nothing to show

As torment tears you apart and your delusional fixation
The greed of addiction serves your faith

This cancer will fall with the fate of humanity
Track Name: Swallow Your Fate
The filthy glow of mindless devotion
Enticing parasites like moths to a flame
Your response could not guarantee their freedom
So you found redemption in this negative world

Their will be no regret
As the sentence draws near
Dissolving these failed sins
Buried deep in the blood of their martyr

Screaming final breaths
In envy over disfigured sediments of disease
Saving them from a fatal display of appease and monotony
The sky will not open up
For evasion of sin has led you nowhere


To a place where the apathy replaced
What was once your very own
Guise of flesh and blood
In the ease of uncertainty
You will be united once more

Destined to drown in your lies
Though it means nothing

When the verdict is absolute
It sinks into your skin

If this is worship
Then you have failed
All expectations dying without cause
Destined to never make it to the shore

Still you will descend into this conscious nightmare
Still you will descend into a new mechanical tomb
Where shattered bones will turn to dust
Attempting to defend your swarming creation

Pray on the needs of deformity
Dine alone with false judgement
Cognitive failure has all but been erased
Like that of your decree
You have shown them no mercy
For their desire
Lies in goddamn absence

Death to the creator
Hailing destruction of this blind world

Unholy fractures of an artificial meaning
Hiding only in eyes of mistrust and betrayal
Both of which you call your own
This evil notion shall never be forsaken

Marching towards your own condemnation
Welcome segregation
Within the glory of sin they have lost you
To an avocation of your own warped free will

Your kingdom lies in ruins
As does your meaningless throne
Finality has come to part
Staring face to face with your release

Your world is over now
Revelation closes in
Linking it up
To an ignorance to self indulgence

How easy would it be?
Taking the cowards way out
For this reap on existence
Unstitched your fucking mouth

Abandoned to a bleak salvation
Your forgotten master has been exposed
Track Name: Self Preservation
For a long time I wanted you to see for yourself
Who I was and what I thought I could have given you
But your intolerance denied this
You brought this hell upon yourself

I often thought my capabilities were endless
But there was nothing I could have given you
With no support there was nothing
I even lost myself to your art

Today I felt nothing
And nothing seemed so fake to me
I think I’m just playing this footage again and again
And again in my head

I am lost in this moment
Your moment of destruction
Of self preservation and deception
Which was once so close
Is now so far away from me
And I think I prefer it this way

I think I used to be scared
No, I used to be scared one time
But now this world is so un-thrilling
And this world is all so boring
I often ask myself what was the point of all this?

I’ll show you what I can do
I’ll show you the value of your king

Of your perfection

Although I’m hanging by a second thread
There was no hope to begin with
How could this have happened to your salvation?
You filled their flesh with the bitter taste of lies
I never felt so cold before you came into my life

These worthless fractures
These factions are so apparent
There will be no rejoice
After what you have done
Track Name: Eradicate to Create
I am the purity
You could never hope to achieve
My focus is the end of you
Once in your past I was what awaited you

You were not made in my image
Rather you are spawning decay and disease
Out of weakness for my redemption

You strive to be perfect
And you’ve earned
The glory of a shameful demise
My focus is, was and always will be
To vanquish you and your kind

To die trying
Out of this desperation

In an attempt
To initiate a form greater than god
You control without any collateral

I am so high above you
Watching your every move
You were not my sons
You were the insatiable parasites
Daring to live off my majesty

Marking the centre
Of this incurable disease
Waiting for my appreciation
Waiting for me to terminate

All that you ever lived
This plague I will eradicate to create
A mockery you perceive as a beneficiary
To my disposition
I’ll open up your cursed flesh

So display your blackened veins to me

Expecting me to turn back
Begging for my attention
To bring forth
Extermination for all

Just like the rapture
And your fucking life
For at the end
Unholy stature spreads its wings
Without conceit or obnoxious dividends
You fucking fell with your reputed army
Track Name: Wings of Obsession
Their eyes have been dissected
As they plea for more to come
Writhing in a false malaise above them
Longing for its own departure
Their god reaches into decay for something

The final abortion of despair
Desecrator of mankind
For there is nowhere to hide

Consumed by their dictator
I watched their faces melt
Listening to the afflicting serenade
Of your god and your gods’ glorious demise
The destruction of a severed beauty
Where torment is ceaseless
The destruction of a severed beauty

The taste of pride has arisen from the lies
Dying with your slaves
As they set themselves a-fucking-blaze

Decrepit spawn will never meet release
As you bleed waste into interminable misery and suffering
You will bathe in putridity forever
With nowhere to hide from the light

Your creation is despised itself and the like
And you were all so fucking perfect
Then you betrayed them all

And in your goddamn absence
Deception filled the void
Pathetic swine were beheaded
As they created
An accumulation of deception

The bleak starvation of insidious fools
On your repulsive slander they fucking choked
While you remained indifferent
Instability plunges into this worthless abyss

While you remained indifferent
They were outcast into this ungodliness
In exile they fell away from you
Outside of a host inside of disease

Before I was separated
By a mere infection
This gestation to which we have all been condemned
In disgust you describe one another
This gestation to which we have all been condemned

Damned to its repugnance
As they digest themselves
While you were rotting their souls

Withering alone in obscurity I haunt you
While you were rotting their souls

They are nothing without you
And you are nothing without them
You will reign once again
When no life here is left

The curse of a nameless man is found on the wings of obsession
This wounding cleansation in the woe of charity
From isolation to depravity
Feasting on each others needs
To beckon sedation

Feasting on each others needs
Unfit for such sadistic torture
From the weakest of grails you find redemption
Inside of hell you find eradication
Have mercy on this disease for it exists only in divinity
Track Name: Breathing Deception
I will end all disgust
Disguised as divine retribution
Supporters of their own delusion
Dawning the will of silence

As dreams depart
We are falling apart
To waste in eyes
Of all acceptances

I have seen
Existence in its purest form
Be transformed
In the cold of despair

There is no exit
To this defeat
We’re just trying to
Keep you afloat

An infection
Once forged in the mirror
Curing the slaves
Of this barren earth

I will be excised
From your somatic and grand design
Crushing prayers of hope and desire

Your deception
Led them all to isolation
Expecting no answers
And filling in for questions ignored

Upon your knees
You await perfection
Making up your past and your present

There will be no future for you
I’ll destroy what you have created

While you dissolve
In a fallacy
They will embrace
A fool’s redemption

A façade of bleak remorse
Worn by immortal terror
Impurity is becoming one

Trapped without light
All virtue is lost
As I give you this temptation
You are proof
Of an illusion
Seeing what isn’t even there
For a fucking belief

Know that I was always with you

You are destined to disintegrate
Beneath the rot of self inflicted wounds
Toxic fangs sink deep into the flesh
Giving birth to a new maceration

And yet they still slave
By your throne
In misery deemed unworthy
By a fading disgorge

Such irony is upon us all
Stuck in this rift
Towards the horizon
A hope which doesn’t exist
Shall drag us down to an endless depth
Even in death we are forced to descend
Track Name: Tyrannical Dictatorship
I have seen a world so cold
Because of you and your destruction
For this I shall never forgive you
Or reclaim the fate that you brought to me

Before an empty throne
I set into my eyes your ideas
Your visions
And look where it’s brought me

Perfection makes me sick with hate
For all these absences are fucking worthless lies

I’m quite sure if I’m meant to believe
In anything anymore
Everything I ever laid my hands upon
Just wasted away in vain

There’s no doubt in my mind
You had given me this scalpel
There’s no doubt in my mind
You will end here by my side

I might have known
I would subdue to this cancer
Thanks to you I feel naught and nothing
And from this daunting numbness the earth shall open up
As my unwilling obsession devours all the masses

There will never be another chance
To remove your own shadow
And with no consequence
This lifetime of social in equity means zero

I have retraced the steps of your negative aura

Failure holds no weakness as optimism falls down
Countless swarms degenerate
As they worship their self inflicted detriment

Rules erased
Sleeping without your severed serpent tongue
Resulting from torment
Commanding the dead
Assimilating the population into its own viral rule

Tyrannical dictatorship
Eons of hatred
Amassing towards your synthetic salvation

This is where you will remain
This is where your judgment has told you to come
This is your demise
Your fate led by a fucking system
You and I were so proud to create
You could not begin to understand
This disease was your utmost desire
And infection obsessing over what you have learned

Sheltered by your own design
You were too blind to accept that
You never thought this could be real
Covered up by the very birth of existence
Misguided beliefs fool only yourself
In decisions to drown your own fucking child
Embracing the darkness for your own